Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008: Denali Highway, Alaska

Today we spent the whole day driving the amazing Denali Highway. It is gravel and dirt, but mostly very passable. If you can do only one scenic drive in Alaska, choose this one: It's amazing! We spent another night at Tangle River Inn (link) and ate there as well. The weather was chilly (upper 40's to low 50's, cold for August for us, but normal there!) but the scenery well worth it! Birding would be a bit better earlier in the summer, but we still saw a bunch of stuff....

Savannah Sparrow at the Inn

American Tree Sparrows at the Inn Fox Sparrow at the Inn
Common Loon flying past Tangle Lake
A flock of caribou along the Highway

Blackpoll Warbler

Orange Crowned Warbler

One of the great Denali Highway views

White-Crowned Sparrow

Gray Jay

MacClaren Lakes

This was one of the highest spots we got to in Alaska

Tundra scenes from near the Maclaren Summit (above photos) Above: Common Loons
Northern Harrier

Arctic Ground Squirrel

This Bald Eagle was on the ground on the side of the road

Above three: Views of the Denali Highway
More tundra
There were many little ponds on the tundra

Flying Merlin
Mew Gull
Juvenile Mew Gull

Above: This Moose walked along the road
Willow Ptarmigan
Common Raven
He had a porcupine quill in his face! These distant caribou were spotted on a snow bank

Above: More tundra scenes

Alder Flycatcher
Above and Below: Closeup shots of the turning tundra

A view of the general area around the eastern Denali Highway (Today's Photos)


RT News said...

Cool photos! Thanks!

wisesim said...

Superb pictures! Did you take these pictures? Where did you capture them? :)

Wgrc said...

Denali Highway in Alaska (Route 8, not to be confused with Denali National Park). AMAZING scenery...

I will have more comments and captions soon by the way...

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Really good photos: Do you keep adding to the existing post?

Wgrc said...

I am done with the photos from the whole trip now... I just have to make sure they are in the right order and add the captions... That will take awhile! I have a few photos from Big Cypress also from 12/2006...