Friday, October 13, 2006



The commute home from Tonawanada, normally 25-35 minutes, took 1:45! The first 'winter' scene at our house, on October 12th!!!
Here's the garage, with the 'summertime' job of sanding and repainting still in progress! This was about 2", little did we know what was to come!

The power went out around 10pm Thursday. I was trying to call Melissa to tell her to stay in Rochester but she was completely unaware of our surprise event! Around 11pm I heard a huge crash: A large branch from our front maple tree fell and tore the wires for power, phone, and cable off of the house. This would be the case until Sunday evening. (See last picture on the blog)

Melissa got home around 11:45 pm and had to park the car in the neighbor's driveway! Just after we moved it, a huge limb came down and crashed into where her car had been parked!

Melissa took this great shot at Sunday

A mess of trees in our front yard

All of the front yard trees were severly weighted down.

More front yard

Clearing out the birdfeeder area was quite a task

More heavy trees in the backyard

Because weather has been great up to now, our fuschia was still blooming

Looking west through our backyard at the neighbors to the west

An eerie view of our backyard with the damage
Many of the trees in the woods behind us were severly bending, but most survived
Snow piled up on our bluebird house (and yes that's about a foot of water in our yard)

Looking at the back of the house from the backyard

About 24" of snow in the birdfeeder area

A view of our driveway, complete with downed limbs and power wires. This remained this way until Sunday evening

This Silver Maple in front might not make it

Our neighbors yard to the east (Melissa's car's temporary home)

The western end of our lot in the backyard

Our water hydrant in the front of the house!

Genesee Street looking west

Views of the front of our house

Looking east on Genesee Street

More front yard mess (above 2 photos)

The siding was ripped off the side of the house when the branches fell on the wires

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1, 2006: Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings at Ralph Wilson Stadium

Today we went to the Bills / Vikings game at Ralph Wilson Stadium - it was a beautiful day for an NFL game! (game info here). This also included the Wall of Fame Induction Ceremoney for WR Andre Reed..