Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008: Kenai Peninsula Fishing Trip (Soldotna)

We spent most of today near Soldonta, Alaska, with Ed French, of Alaskan Fishing Guides (http://www.alaskanfishguides.com/). He was GREAT. We would wholeheartedly reccomend him to anyone who is interested in the world class fishing area of the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula. We hired him to take us Salmon fishing on the Kenai river between Soldotna and its mouth on the Cook Inlet. We caught several Silvers AND Pinks! (There was no sockeye fishing this year because there was a ban on them since they had a bad run). We also got in some great birdwatching as an extra. Definitely well worth the money and time, and Ed was fantastic.

Another plug today is for Forest View Lodge, just outside Soldotna, where we stayed. This small facility has fantastic apartment style rooms at a great price! We can't say enough about our two stays here on this trip! (their website)

One of the Silver Salmon that we caught
A view of Mount Redoubt across the Cook Inlet
A Pink Salmon (A "humpy")
One of our 'fishing spots' on the river
Fireweed was everywhere (wiki)
A juvenile Bald Eagle flew over
Spotted Sandpiper

Another great fishing spot

Red-Throated Loon
Red-Throated Loon
A view of the mountains across from Cook Inlet
Western Sandpiper
Fly-by Northern Harrier
Ed's boat that we fished from!

Salmon Eggs!


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