Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2008: Birding Amherst Island, Ontario and 1000 Islands

We spent the morning returning to Amherst Island, going to the Owl Woods (link) again (not as productive as yesterday), and then also driving around the island, where we found some cool things). Then, we also got some nice photos on the way out of town, towards the 1,000 islands...
Had a nice lunch at "Sakura", a new looking Japanese restaurant in Kingston.

Above and below: Snowy Owls on the island

White-Breasted Nuthatch at the Owl Woods feeders

Above and Below: More Saw-Whet Owls in the KFN Woods

Above and below: We refound the Barred Owl

Common Redpoll at the feeders
Northern Shrike on Amherst Island
Above and Below: Rough-Legged Hawks on the island

Above and Below: Snow Bunting flocks on the island

Common Goldeneye: near the 1,000 Islands Bridge between the US and Canada

The 1,000 Islands Bridge (Canadian span)


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