Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13, 2009: Birding Seneca County, NY

Today we did some birding in Seneca County, from near Seneca Falls, down near Ovid. We tried without success to find the Snowy Owl at the Finger Lakes Regional Airport in Seneca Falls, but found the one in Ovid. The map link below shows the exact location of the owl. We also saw White-Winged Crossbills in Seneca Falls, but missed photographing them.

Eastern Bluebird (Seneca Falls)
Cooper's Hawk (Seneca Falls)
Snowy Owl (Ovid, Center Rd east of CO Rd 129)

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mon@rch said...

Greg, stunning photo of the Bluebird and like that you got the Snowy! Bravo