Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009: San Diego Pelagic Offshore Trip and San Diego Coastal Birding

Today Melissa and I were very fortunate to share a ride on a short pelagic trip with BJ Stacey, Dave Povey, and Terry Hunefeld. Many thanks to Dave for the use of his boat! It was a great ride from San Diego Harbor to the nearby Coronado Islands of Mexico, and we saw some interesting stuff!

Brown Pelican in San Diego Harbor
Pelagic Cormorants in the harbor
Snowy Egret
California Seal
Pelagic Cormorant
Sunrise over San Diego

Out in the open sea-
Black Storm Petrel
Western Gulls off the hull
Above and below: Pink-Footed Shearwater

Elegant Tern
Cassin's Auklet
Elegant Tern
Above and Below: Sooty Shearwater

Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola)

Pictures from Coronado Island
Brown Pelicans
California Sea Lion
Black Oystercatcher and Pelagic Cormorant
Pelagic Cormorant and Western Gull

Above and below: Baby Western Gulls
Above and below: Black Oystercatcher shots
Nice shot of one of the islands
More Pelagic Cormorants

Some nice shots of the island's Brown Boobies

A view of the islands

More seal photos
Sea stars along the rocks
Peregrine Falcon
Above and Below: Mexican Army outposts on the Coronado Islands
More views of Coronado Islands:

Heerman's Gull

Brown Pelican
Now back in San Diego Harbor
Brown Pelican photos

Some birding at various locations on Point Loma

We found this Black Phoebe looking for parrots off Canon St
From Cabrillo National Monument
California Towhee
Common Raven (Sunset Cliffs)
Rosencrans Cemetery:
Anna's Hummingbird
At the Bacon Park area of the San Diego River
Pipers flying down the river (mostly Dowitcher)

Black Skimmer
Terns and pipers on the river
American Crow

La Jolla Area
Hooded Oriole
Double-Crested Cormorant (above and below)

Baby Western Gull on La Jolla cliffs
California Seals
Black Turnstone
Back in the San Diego River area: Least Tern

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