Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009: Salton Sea and San Diego Harbor Birding

Today Melissa and I birded the Salton Sea area with San Diego birder BJ Stacey. We had a great time despite it being very hot (121 on the car thermometer at one point, near El Centro!). We started out at the Sonny Bono NWR Visitor Center ...

This rabbit was at the center
Nice view of a Lesser Nighthawk!

Now at "Unit 1":
Above and below: Nice shots of a Least Bittern

Common Moorhen

Driving around the refuge:
Green Heron
Western Pondhawk?
Flying White-Faced Ibis (above and below)

Long Billed Curlew
Above and Below: Burrowing Owls

Eurasian Collared Doves
Black Necked Stilt
Forsters Tern
Flying Dowitchers
Lesser Nighthawk
Black Phoebe
Misc. Pipers (many Western?)
Western Sandpipers
Yellow Footed Gull
Double-Crested Cormorant
Brown Pelican
Eared Grebe
Caspian Tern
Flying Marbled Godwits
California Gull
Pelicans (White above and Brown below)

nice shot of Peregrine Falcon (note the Western Kingbird harassing)

Brown Pelican
Black-Necked Stilts (chick above and adult below)

Western Sandpiper
Above and Below: Lesser Nighthawk

Common Ground Dove
Nice flock of Cattle Egret and White-Faced Ibis

These were taken at Sunbeam Park in El Centro
Neotropic Cormorant
Greater White-Fronted Goose
Cackling Goose
Gila Woodpecker
Rock Dove

A few more photos from that evening in Seaport Village, San Diego

Western Gull
Above and Below: San Diego Convention Center area

American Crow
Above and Below: Heerman's Gull

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