Friday, June 05, 2009

June 5, 2009: Birding Gregory Canyon (Boulder), and Pike Natl Forest/Pine Valley Ranch

Some more time for birding today. I stopped again in the morning at Gregory Canyon and this time got the Virginia's Warbler! Then in the evening, another stop at Pike National Forest and nearby Pine Valley Ranch. Still no luck on the Three-Toed Woodpecker! Thanks again to the Colorado Birders for all of their help, and Richard Stevens for the flower identifications..

Gregory Canyon:

White Stemless Evening Primrose

A view of Boulder and CU from the canyon

Chipping Sparrow
More Narrow Leaved Pentesmon
Pine Siskin
Above and Below: Spotted Towhee
Lazuli Bunting (I did not know I saw this until I got home!) I don't recall this photo..
Above and Below: Virginia's Warbler

Pine Valley Ranch:
American Crow
Above and Below: Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Blue Mist Penstemon
Downy Woodpecker
Mount Evans
Above and Below: Townsends Solitaire

Violet-Green Swallow
Distant thunderstorm from Pine Valley Ranch
Common Merganser on the lake at the ranch

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