Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11, 2007: Home and Amherst State Park Birding (14 BIRD PHOTOS)


This morning we had a new 'yard bird', an INDIGO BUNTING! This photo underscores the need for us to get a better glass window facing the feeders, or at least one we can open quickly! I also got a nice CHIPPING SPARROW shot today at home


We had a nice, but short, outing at Amherst State Park (Williamsville Glen) in the evening. Light was poor because it was late, and partly cloudy, so a lot of shots were dissapointing! (And hence never made it here). Warbler activity was mostly YELLOW-RUMPED, but also YELLOW, NASHVILLE, and a few BLACK-THROATED GREEN. We also saw FIELD SPARROW, WARBLING VIREO, and abundant BALTIMORE ORIOLES, and a COOPER'S HAWK FEEDING on a small bird at dusk!

Above three: The abundant Yellow-Rumped Warbler Leapin' Yellow Warbler

This was a particularly photgenic Song Sparrow

Three nice shots of Baltimore Orioles (the bottom being an immature)
Field Sparrow

Red-Winged Blackbird female
Our first Warbling Vireo of the year

This young female Cooper's Hawk was enjoying a late evening snack

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