Monday, July 02, 2012

July 2, 2012: Machias Seal Island & Grand Manan

We spent most of today on a boat tour to see the puffin colony on Machias Seal Island.
 The "Flock of Sheep" rocks on the island deposited by glaciers
 south end of Machias Island
Flying Common Eiders
 A very calm ocean today!

Machias Island Photos
 Spotted Sandpiper
 Savannah Sparrow
 Seal Island Lighthouse
 Above and below:  Harbor Seals

Razorbill Photos from the island

Atlantic Puffin Photos from the island

 Swallowtail Light
 Above and Below: Manx Shearwater

 Red-Throated Loon
 Sooty Shearwater
 Common Murre
 Above and Below: Sooty Shearwater

 Manx Shearwater
 Looking at the north edge of Grand Manan
 Above and Below: Weird mirages as we approach Black Harbour

 Above: Nice views of Birds and Blooms B&B on Grand Manan

Photos from the Nikon Coolpix
 Calm water as we approach Grand Manan
 Grand Manan Lighthouse

 Above and below: Super low tide

 Our tour boat


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