Sunday, July 01, 2012

July 1, 2012: Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

Today we spent time around the island on a few hikes, and then took a nice boat tour with Top Of The Island Boat Tours.
 Above and Below: Nelson's Sparrows (Castalia Marsh)

 Young Tree Swallow
 Savannah Sparrow
 Salmon Weir
 Above and Below:  Ships in the Harbor

 Grey Seal (from Swallowhead Light)
 Grey Catbird (from Swallowhead Light)
 Common Eiders (Swallowhead Light)
 Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Photos from Red-Point Trail in Anchorage Park
 Below: some nice lupine along the trail

Swainsons Thrush
 White Throated Sparrow juvenile
 Green sludge exposed by the low tide

 Cedar Waxwing
 Black Capped Chicakdee
 Group of Herring Gulls
 American Wigeon

On the Top of the Island Boat Tour
 More fishing weirs
 Swallowhead Light
 Black Guillemot
 Hole In The Wall 
Grey Seal
 The rocky northern shoreline of Grand Manan
 Common Eider
 Common Murre
 Atlantic Puffin (Above and Below)

 Manx Shearwater
 Fin Whale
 Splashing water
 Black Legged Kittiwake

A few more photos from the Nikon Coolpix
A small inlet on the north side of the island
 Red Point Trail
 Ferns along Red Point Trail
 Above and Below: More Red Point Trail photos

 Super low tide
 Sunset on the water

Nice gardens at Birds and Blooms B&B

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