Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2008: Birding at Montezuma NWR and Savannah Mucklands

Today we both had some time in the morning .. so we headed out and birded the Finger Lakes area! We started at the Savannah Mucklands, and saw some incredible Snow Goose flocks! Ended up briefly at Montezuma NWR before heading back home...

This muskrat must have just woken up from hibernation. He was on Route 89 just north of the Thruway

Mucklands shots: Northern Pintails Above three: Snow Geese flyovers (Town of Savannah). Note the Blue Geese One Ross' Goose in the flock Above and below: There were tens of thousands of Snow Geese Snow Goose A 'Blue Goose' Snow Goose among the flock Above and below: Lapland Longspurs Northern Pintails More Snow Goose flock photos Montezuma NWR: Ruddy Duck Killdeer American Coot Northern Shoveler

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