Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012: Perce and Bonaventure Island

We spent some time in Perce today, but most of the time hiking on Bonaventure Island to the 250,000 strong Northern Gannet colony, the largest in the world. This was an amazing experience!  This page highlights photos other than of Gannets from 6/25/12 - the next page will be for the numerous Gannet photos taken...
 A view of Perce and Bonaventure Island from the hotel
 Herring Gull
 Great Cormorant
Telephoto lens of the hotel (Pic L'Aurore) from the boat
 rocks on Bonaventure Island
 Common Murres on the rocks
 Northern Gannets on the rocks (not the main colony)
 Bald Eagle and a waterfall along the cliffs
 Juvenile American Redstart
These small white flowers were all around on the hiking trail
 Above and Below: larger white flowers in the open areas

 Above and Below: White-crowned Sparrows
 Perce Rock from a distance
 Cliffs along Bonaventure Island
 Close up of Perce Rock
 Dolphin on the ride back 

Photos from Cape Cove south of Perce
 Savannah Sparrow
 Common Eider
 Black Legged Kittiwakes
 Above and Below: Great Cormorants

Double Crested Cormorant
 Savannah Sparrow

Photos from the Coolpix:
 Our very nice hotel, Pic L'Aurore, 1km north of Perce
 Nice view of Perce
 Perce Rock

 Above Two: views of Bonaventure Island
 Above and Below: The Trail across the island to the Gannet Colony

 Small white flowers

Welcome to Bonaventure National Park

 Leaving the island

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