Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011: Birding Long Island, Visting Manhattan, and Drive Home

We started out with some photos from around our hotel in Westport, then Oceanside Nature Center and Jamaica Bay before heading home via Manhattan
Above and Below: Monk Parakeets at our hotel

Oceanside Nature Center
Great Egret
Tree Swallow
Blooming Flowers
Diving Osprey

Jamaica Bay NWR
Flying Gadwall

Above: Enjoying the planes taking off from JFK
A view of Manhattan
Flying Shoveler
Flying Brant

Fort Tilden NHS (Brooklyn, New York)
Forsters Tern
A view of the Atlantic from the beach
More scenes from the beach
American Oystercatcher
Common Merganser
Brooklyn sign!
Vertical car-park in Manhattan
Trump Tower!
American Museum of Natural History

Signs on the ride home through New Jersey and Pennsylvania
New Jersey Meadowlands

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