Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009: Shannon and Kilkee, Ireland

Today was the first day of our short trip to Ireland! We flew into Shannon this morning and drove from there to the seaside village of Kilkee (Clare County West). We stayed at a wonderful nature lodge, "Nature Quest". just outside of Kilkee on the Blackweir Bridge.

We started out our trip birding the Shannon Airport Lagoons with Clare County birder John Murphy. It was a pleasure to meet him and bird with him! He offers bird guiding services - which we would highly recommend!

Shannon Airport Rook

Shannon Lagoon photos
Painted Lady
Blue Butterfly
A butterfly
A butterfly
A butterfly
A dragonfly

Deer Island in the River Fergus
Grey Heron
Northern Wheatear
Flying Black-Tailed Godwits

Flying Northern Shoveler

Flying Teal

Meadow Pipit
Hooded Crow
Jackdaw (from Gallagher's in Bunratty)

Shots from Nature Quest B&B near Kilkee
A butterfly
A butterfly
A butterfly
The Blackweir Bridge
A distant view of Kilkee
Melissa on the bluffs at Kilkee
European Starling

Photos of the cliffs at Kilkee

A view of the Countryside around Kilkee
Chough (above and below)

Hooded Crow (above and below)

Jackdaw (above and below)

Back to Nature Quest:
House Martin
Barn Swallow
White Wagtail (Pied Wagtail) (above and below)

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Ancillary material said...

A chairde

The video of the song about Kilkee“The Diamond Rocks” is now on Youtube;

It is still on the RTE central playlist for the week of 16th Jan 2012;

We have been reliably informed it will be up there next week as well. Phone RTE to request they play it and put Kilkee on the map!