Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008: Birding Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Today we took a walk at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. We got a few nice photos of flora and fauna on this beautiful April Sunday! We walked at the Kanyoo Trail, and Swallow Hollow Trail. (Maps below)

Some Red Trillium coming out early this year
Trout Lily
A vernal pool at Kanyoo Trail

Below: Some shots of Blue-Grey Gnatcatchers, which were common on the trail:

There were also quite a few Rusty Blackbirds migrating through today:

Aerial shots courtesy Microsoft Virtual Earth
Swallow Hollow Trail
Kanyoo Trail

Locations of the trails mentioned (Click here for an interactive map)

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mon@rch said...

Wonderful series of photos and here in Catt. Co. we are seeing the Red Trilliums out early also! I wonder what it means?